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If a business event such as a PBX (Phone System) vendor migration, business closure, merger or downsizing have left you with excess Cisco IP phones and telephone equipment that you would like to sell, we want to purchase it. We actively purchase end-of-life Cisco telephones that are idle as a result of user upgrades. We also buy excess New inventory or Shelf Spare stock that you no longer need. If you have used or excess Cisco phones you are interested in selling we want to hear from you.

Unlike many companies who purchase phones and telecom equipment, Cisco is the only product line we work with. We buy Cisco Phones from sellers worldwide, all day, every day. Our buyer agents have up-to-the-minute, expert knowledge of current market value for any and all models of Cisco IP telephones.

Here are a few more reasons to sell your used or excess Cisco Phones to CiscoPhoneBuy.com:

We Pay More! We won’t lowball you with a ridiculous offer. We spend lots of time researching the current secondary market value of Cisco phones and will offer you a fair and honest purchase estimate.

Cisco is all we do! CiscoPhoneBuy.com specializes in the purchase of used, off lease and excess Cisco IP Phones. However, if you have IP Phones or equipment from other manufacturers we can usually refer you to several qualified vendor partners whom we work closely with who specialize in other brands, including Polycom, Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel, Panasonic and other brands.

We’re Easy to Work With! Receiving a purchase quote to sell your Cisco phones to CiscoPhoneBuy.com is as simple as filling out one of our quick product submission forms. Buying new or Refurbished Cisco phones from us is equally fast and easy. We strive to make the sale, purchase or trade-in process as hassle free as possible for our clients.

We’ve Been Doing This for Awhile! CiscoPhoneBuy.com has over 15 years of professional experience buying Cisco telephones. We Buy Cisco products from sellers worldwide.

We View Ourselves as Your Partner… not just another vendor. We know that the best way for us to succeed is for you to succeed. Many of our clients have been working with CiscoPhoneBuy.com for years.

We Pay for Shipping! After receiving a quote from a CiscoPhoneBuy.com representative and electing to sell to us, all you need to do is prep and box your Cisco IP Phones and send us the weights and dimensions of the box(es). We’ll issue an insured pickup order for the equipment via Fedex or UPS, on our dime.

We are not affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc. or any other manufacturers. Cisco®, Cisco Systems®, and the Cisco Systems logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.