Cisco 3900 Series IP Phones

Cisco 3900 Series IP Telephones are inexpensive, basic SIP compatible phones intended for industrial / institutional usage….. no-frills applications such as cubicle workers, lobbies, educational environments and manufacturing facilities. There are three Cisco 3900, fixed (wired) ethernet models models which have been manufactured, although 2 of 3 have been phased out, leaving only the Cisco 3905 currently sold and supported by the manufacturer.

3900 Series SIP phones offer basic features, a small and simple LCD display, and run SIP protocol making them compatible with most SIP phone systems and many hosted VoIP / PBX providers.

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For additional information on the 3900 Series products that we buy and sell, please browse from the specific models shown below:

Cisco 3951 SIP Phone

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Cisco 3905 SIP Phone

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Cisco 3911 IP Phone

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