Cisco 6945 IP Phone

Buying, Selling and Trading-In Cisco 6945 IP Phones Made Easy provides smart solutions for used and end-of-life Cisco 6945 IP phones. We also retail professionally refurbished phones. Save on costs, recycle old equipment and access updated phones all in one place! Interested in buying New or Refurbished Cisco 6900 Series IP phones? We also sell New and Refurbished Cisco CP-6945 IP handsets. A representative can provide you with a competitive purchase quote today, just complete the form below to connect with us. If you’ve made a recent change to your VoIP provider or phone system, we want to purchase your used 6900 Series telephones.

Cisco 6945

The manufacturer has announced the official End of Life / End of Sale dates for the Cisco 6900 Series IP Telephone product line. The official end-of-sale date for this product was July 30, 2014. The end of manufacturer hardware support date on this product is July 31, 2019. Although this product is no longer available through traditional distribution, it is still available to buy and sell via

Managing the purchase, sale and disposal of IT equipment is a big job. But there are creative solutions that can help you work around budget constraints, and meet unique technology and business requirements. You can make the most of them at

The used cellphone and electronic market has been expanding at a rapid pace. Millions of pre-owned electronics are resold each year. We are at the forefront of the used and refurbished Cisco phone market. Dealing exclusively in equipment from the networking giant, we have become the preferred buyer of Cisco 6945 IP phones.

Cisco 6945 Top 5 Facts and Features

  • Multiline IP Phone, supports both SIP and Cisco SCCP protocol
  • HD Voice 16 Bit Audio support
  • Dual Gigabit ethernet switch ports
  • High quality integrated speakerphone and fixed headset port
  • Can be powered via Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

We offer fair market prices after an evaluation of your used inventory. If some of your unwanted Cisco phones have minor defects, feel free to include them. We can repair them and make them re-usable. To sell used Cisco 6945 IP phones, please fill the online form on this page.

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Interested in Selling Used/Excess Cisco 6945 phones? wants to buy your used or excess Cisco 6945 IP Telephones. Selling used Cisco phones to us is fast and easy, and we pay fair market value for your used inventory. There are a variety of ways to connect with our purchasing and sales staff. Simply submit the online form below to indicate if you have Cisco phones you are looking to sell, or if you are a buyer interested in obtaining pricing to purchase phones for your own use. Either way, we are here to help!

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Leverage Top-of-the-line Technology Without Going Over-Budget. Buy New or Refurbished Cisco 6945 IP Phones from Us

We have a sizable inventory of professionally refurbished 6945 phones. If you are looking for a reliable IP business phone that delivers top-notch voice communication, supports wideband audio headset and handset communications, and has very low power consumption, the 6945 is a good choice.

All our refurbished phones have a one-year replacement warranty. After taking fluctuations in market price into account, we offer you competitive pricing. Get a quick quote by filling our online form.

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Make an Eco-Responsible Choice. Trade-In Cisco 6945 IP Phones.

Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) statistics reveal that up to two per cent of end-of-life electronic products end up in the municipal solid waste stream. Environmentalists are increasingly calling upon individuals and businesses to recycle their electronics for environmental benefits. Our purchase and trade-in solutions help you do precisely that. Instead of disposing off unused Cisco 6945 IP phones in the trash, trade them in for good money. We’ll refurbish them and extend their use to assist other businesses meet their technology needs. To get started, please fill our online form below.

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