Cisco 7800 Series IP Phones

The Cisco 7800 Series of IP Telephones is a newly released line of SIP Compatible IP Phones supporting 2-16 line appearances. These phones feature a sleek design, power over ethernet (PoE), and HD Wideband audio codec support. The Cisco 7800 Series is currently comprised of three models, each with LCD display and full duplex speakerphone capabilities.

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For additional information on the 7800 Series IP Phone products that we buy and sell, please browse from the specific models shown below:

Cisco 7861 IP Phone

Sell, Buy or Trade In Cisco 7861 IP Phones

Are you looking to sell, buy or trade in Cisco 7861 IP Telephones? The Cisco 7861 is part of the new Cisco 7800 Series of desktop IP Telephones. Unlike Cisco’s older 7900 Series, these phones are SIP native and do not feature support for proprietary SCCP (skinny) protocol. This is a 16 line phone aimed… read more

Cisco 7821 IP Phone

Sell, Buy or Trade In Cisco 7821 IP Phones

Do you have Cisco 7821 Phones you want to sell? We purchased used and excess Cisco 7800 Series phones. We also offer discount pricing on both New and Refurbished Cisco 7800 Series phones if you are interested in purchasing or trade in. The Cisco 7821 is a 2-line desktop phone, part of Cisco’s new 7800… read more

Cisco 7841 IP Phone

Sell, Buy or Trade In Cisco 7841 IP Phones

Do you want to sell, buy or trade in Cisco 7841 IP Telephones? The Cisco 7841 is a 4-line desktop, SIP based IP phone, part of the new Cisco 7800 Series. In comparison to Cisco’s popular 7900 Series IP telephones, the 7800 Series offerings feature native SIP support, and are not compatible with proprietary SCCP… read more