Cisco 7926 Wireless IP Phone

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We purchase, sell and trade-in used and new excess Cisco CP-7926G-W-K9 Wireless IP Phones. The Cisco CP-7926G is a fairly new model release with Cisco’s wireless IP phone product category. It is similar in look and feature set to the popular Cisco CP-7925G wireless model, but has a few additional benefits not found in the 7925. Cisco wireless IP phones are quite popular in enterprise VoIP environment where users require mobility, such as hospitals, warehouses, hospitality environments and large campus workplaces! Supporting up to 6 lines, the Cisco 7926G also includes an integrated barcode scanner for retail or warehouse applications.

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Cisco CP-7926G

Some of the primary features of the Cisco 7926G Wireless Phone Include

  • WiFi Network Connectivity supported via IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
  • 2-Inch, High Resolution LCD Display, Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity (for pairing BlueTooth accessories such as wireless headsets
  • 2D image barcode scanner integrated into handset
  • Onboard speakerphone with wideband (HD) audio codec support
  • Supports Cisco Proprietary SCCP (Skinny) Protocol, No SIP Firmware Support on this model

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Interested in Buying New or Refurbished Cisco 7926G Wireless IP Phones?

Contact us today for a competitive price quote if you are interested in purchasing Cisco wireless phones or accessories. Market pricing fluctuates often due to supply and demand. We can offer pricing and availability on both Refurbished and New Cisco 7926G Wireless IP telephones. We do not publish pricing like a traditional online retailer due to price fluctuation and availability. To request an up-to-the-minute quote based on our current availability and pricing, simply complete the form below and one of our sales representatives will contact you with a quote. Our Refurbished phones include a 1-Year replacement warranty.

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Interested in a Trade-In on your Cisco CP-7926G-W-K9 Wireless phones?

If you are considering upgrading your office phones, we can offer you trade in credit on your Cisco IP telephones which are coming out of service. Offset a good portion of the cost of your new phones by trading in your old phones toward the purchase of new models. If you are thinking of upgrading, contact us today to find out how we can make it much more affordable for you.

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Cisco 7926G IP Phone model variations and accessories include:

  • CP-7926G-W-K9 – Cisco 7926G Phone (Does not include battery, which is a separately sold SKU)
  • CP-BATT-7925G-STD – Standard Lithium Ion Battery for Cisco 7926G Phone
  • CP-BATT-7925G-EXT – Extended Capacity Lithium Ion Battery for Cisco 7926G Phone
  • CP-HOLSTER-7926G – Cisco 7926G Holster with Belt Clip
  • CP-CASE-7926G – Cisco 7926G Leather Case with Belt Clip
  • CP-PWR-7925G-NA – North American Power Supply AC charger for Cisco 7926G

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