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If you have recently upgraded your system and have Cisco CP-7937G conference telephones that are no longer needed, we’ll purchase them! We also sell New and Refurbished Cisco conference phone models, including the Cisco 7937G. Whether you are selling, buying or trading in, we can help.

We are a leading buyer of Cisco phones from companies big and small. If you have old Cisco 7937 Conference phones that you want to replace, we can help you. We will not only buy unwanted phones from your company, we also sell Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phones. We can offer a competitive quote if you are interested in buying New or Refurbished Cisco 7937G IP Conference phones or associated accessories.

The Cisco 7937G VoIP Conference phone has recently been announced End of Sale by the manufacturer. The last day to order this product from distribution was March 31,
2014. Although it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, the Cisco 7937 and its associated accessories are still available to purchase from

Cisco CP-7937G

We also Buy, Sell and Trade in Cisco 7937 Conference room speakerphone accessories such as CP-7937-MIC-KIT Expansion Microphone Kits and CP-7937-PWR-SPL Splitters. The uniquely shaped IP 7397G IP conference stations from Cisco enable businesses to unify their voice, data and video applications on fixed line and mobile networks. Superior to Cisco’s previous IP conference phones in many ways, the 7397G conference phones have the following features.

Cisco 7937 Conference Phone Top 5 Facts and Features

  • Similar in form factor to Polycom’s famous Desktop Conference Phones, with 3 armed “starfish” design
  • High Resolution onboard LCD Display
  • Can be powered via an external AC adapter using optional Power Splitter, or via Power Over Ethernet
  • Connect up to (2) additional microphone expansion pods (CP-7937-MIC-KIT) for increased microphone pickup range
  • Supports Cisco Proprietary SCCP (Skinny) Protocol, No SIP Firmware Support on this model

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Sell Your Used Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phones

Tired of using the same phones for years? Are you looking at conference and IP phones with better features? If yes, is here to help you replace your old Cisco 7397G conference phones with new models, without having to worry about disposal of the old phones. We, at buy Cisco 7397G IP conference phones no matter how old they are. As we also sell new and refurbished Cisco phones of different models, you can trade-in your old 7397G phones and get a rebate on the new IP phones you buy from us.

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Want to Buy New or Refurbished Cisco CP-7937G IP Conferencing Phones? offers competitive pricing on both Refurbished and New Cisco CP-7937G IP telephones. Our inventory changes daily, and due to fluctuating market prices we do not post pricing. To request an up-to-the-minute quote based on our current availability and pricing, simply complete the form below and one of our sales representatives will contact you with pricing. Our Refurbished phones include a 1-Year replacement warranty.

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Interested in a Trade-In on your Cisco CP-7937G conference phones?

If you are considering upgrading your office phones, we can offer you trade in credit on your Cisco IP telephones which are coming out of service. Offset a good portion of the cost of your new phones by trading in your old phones toward the purchase of new models. If you are thinking of upgrading, contact us today to find out how we can make it much more affordable for you. Whether you want to buy or sell an old and used Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phone, can help you with it. Fill in our online form today and make the most of our buy, sell and trade-in offers.

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Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937g model variations and accessories include:

  • CP-7937G – Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phone
  • CP-7937-MIC-KIT – Expansion Microphone pod (X2) kit for Cisco 7937G phones
  • CP-7937-PWR-SPL – Optional PoE Splitter needed to power Cisco 7937G with a local AC adapter (CP-PWR-CUBE3)

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