Cisco 7962 IP Phone

Are you looking to sell Used or Excess inventory Cisco 7962 IP Telephones? We buy used and New excess Cisco phones. We also sell Cisco CP-7962G IP Phones, and can provide you with trade in options if you are looking to upgrade your phones. offers a one stop shop if you have used Cisco phones you are interested in selling or trading in. We also offer discounted, competitive pricing on both New and Refurbished Cisco phones.

If a recent upgrade has left your company with Cisco 7962 IP phones that you want to liquidate or trade in, contacting one of our buyer agents is as simple as completing the online quick contact form below. Whether you are looking to sell, buy or trade in Cisco phones, provide us with your details and one of our representatives will contact you with pricing. We are also happy to quote any Cisco phone requirements you may have, if you are interested in purchasing hardware from us.

The Cisco CP-7962G is the currently sold and supported replacement for the predecessor 7961G and 7961G-GE model phones. There is no currently announced End of Life /End of Sale date for the Cisco CP-7962G model.

Cisco 7962G

The 7962G is a six line IP phone offering the following features:

  • High Resolution 5″ Backlit LCD Greyscale Display
  • Supports both proprietary SCCP and open SIP standard firmware
  • Hands-free onboard speakerphone and headset port
  • Dual Switched Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Supports Line Expansion by adding Cisco 7915 and 7916 Attendant Console Modules

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We want to buy your used, surplus Cisco 7962 IP Phones

Do you have Used or New Excess Cisco 7962 IP Phones that you no longer need and want to sell? Contact one of our buyer agents today, we pay fair prices for used Cisco telephones, and we can also manage logistics, shipping, receiving and testing. To receive a price quote for your used phone inventory, complete the contact form below and a purchasing representative will contact you to provide a price quote.

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Buy New and Refurbished Cisco 7962G IP Phones

We offer extremely competitive pricing on both New and Used Cisco 7962 Phones. If you are interested in purchasing factory New, or professionally refurbished phones, you’ve come to the right place. Simply send us your project requirements with the model(s), quantities and conditions you need, and we’ll provide you with a quote. Our Refurbished phones carry a full 1 year warranty.

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Trade-In Your Used Cisco 7962G Phones

If you’re considering disposing off old office phones and investing in new ones, you’ll find our trade-in program ideal. You can exchange your 7962G phones for purchase credit towards newer models and keep your IT budget lean and mean. We maintain a huge inventory of Cisco IP phones, so you are sure to find telecom products that meet your technology needs. Fill in our online form and extract maximum value from our trade-in opportunity.

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