Cisco 7970 IP Phone

Are you searching for a company that buys used or excess Cisco CP-7970 IP Phones? Are you interested in purchasing New or Refurbished Cisco 7970 phones?

If you have pre-owned Cisco 7970 IP telephones that have come out of service due to an upgrade or other event, and you are interested in selling them, contact us today to get a quote from one of our buyer agents. In addition to purchasing excess inventory, we also sell both New and professionally Refurbished Cisco CP-7970G phones, and can provide you with a competitive quote and expert service if you are interested in procuring phones from us. If you have an anticipated upgrade coming up, we can also structure trade in deals to allow you to recover value on your used phones which can be applied toward the purchase of newer models.

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Cisco CP-7971G

The manufacturer has announced the official End of Sale date for the Cisco CP-7970 model IP Phone. The last day to order this product via distribution was August 1, 2008. Although this phone model is End of Life /End of Sale, it is still available to sell to, or purchase from,

The Cisco CP-7970 is multiline IP Phone with features including:

  • Full Color, Touchscreen Backlit LCD Display
  • Ability to run SCCP or SIP firmware, allowing for use on a variety of PBX or service platforms
  • Can be powered via Power Over Ethernet
  • Integrated acoustic full duplex speaker phone and headset port
  • Dual onboard 10/100 Ethernet Switch Ports

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Sell Us your Used and Excess Cisco 7970G Phones

We provide our seller customers with an easy and fast way to regain a portion of their original investment in Cisco 7971GIP phones that are no longer in use. Your old phone have residual value, don’t throw them away or pay to have them recycled by an ewaste provider. Contact a buyer agent to sell your used phones for current fair market value. Get a check instead of a bill for your unwanted telecom and IT equipment. We offer an efficient, fast and convenient disposal methodology while generating ROI for your company. To get started, simply submit the contact form below to request a quote on your used phones.

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Would you like to Purchase New or Refurbished Cisco CP-7970G Phones?

We stock both New and Refurbished Cisco Gigabit Ethernet phone models, including the 7971G. Our professionally refurbished phones are offered with a full year in-house warranty and support. You can purchase clean, tested pre-owned Cisco phones at a huge savings versus the cost of factory New phones, without sacrificing warranty or support.

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Trade-In your Cisco CP-7970 Phones

If you’re considering upgrading your office IP Telephones and investing in new models, you’ll find tremendous value in our trade in program. We’ll purchase your old phones for trade credit that you can use towards the purchase of newer models, extending your IT budget and keeping your bean counter very happy. We stock a comprehensive inventory of Cisco IP telephones, and are sure to have the product available to meet your project needs. Connect with a representative today and gain maximum value from our trade-in opportunity.

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