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Selling, Buying or interested in trading in your Cisco 8945 IP Video Phones?

If a recent upgrade, vendor change or other event has left you with used or excess inventory of Cisco 8945 IP Video phones that you are interested in selling, contact us today! If you are a purchasing agent, reseller or end user interested in obtaining pricing on New or Refurbished Cisco CP-8945 phones, we can provide you with a competitive cost quote. If you are anticipating upgrading your system, and have other Cisco telephony equipment you are interested in, we can also provide you with a structured trade-in proposal to help you stretch your budget and capture residual value in your used Cisco Phones.

We purchase all models of Cisco 8900 Series IP Multimedia phones. We also offer competitive discount pricing on both New and Refurbished phones.

Cisco 8945

The Cisco 8945 is a fully integrated voice and video IP multimedia desktop phone. With a high resolution built in VGA camera and color display, it is an excellent choice for customers looking for converged voice and video in executive office environments.

The Cisco 8945 Features a range of capabilities including:

  • Large, Color VGA Backlit Display
  • High Quality 640X480 resolution built in video camera
  • Built-In Bluetooth support for wireless headset pairing
  • High quality integrated speakerphone and fixed headset port
  • Supports both SIP and SCCP signalling protocol for use on a variety of platforms
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    Selling Used Cisco 8945 IP Phones to

    We make it easy, fast and convenient for companies to dispose of used Cisco 8945 phones coming out of service due to upgrades or other IT management events. Simply contact one of our buyer agents by filling out our online contact form or give us a call. We’ll collect the details on your available inventory and make you a competitive offer to purchase your used or excess Cisco phones. We’ll even pay for shipping!

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    Buying Refurbished or New Cisco 8945 IP Phones?

    If you are in the market to purchase Cisco 8945 Phones for your business office, contact us for a quote. We can offer competitive price and availability on both New and Refurbished Cisco 8945 phones, subject to current availability. Unlike many online retailers, we do not post pricing, as our price and availability can fluctuate with current market availability and demand. In an effort to provide you with the most competitive pricing on your requirements, we ask that you simply contact us for a quote.

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    Trading in Your Cisco 8945 IP Phones

    If you are considering moving into a different Cisco phone series, we can offer you trade credit on your used or excess Cisco 8945′s which you can use to offset the cost of purchasing alternative phone models. Your used phones have residual value, and you can maximize your budget via trade in and dramatically lower the cost of your upgrade.

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