Cisco 9900 Series IP Phones

With two current model offerings, the Cisco 9900 Series IP phones are a fairly new series of IP multimedia phone featuring integrated Voice and Video capabilities. Featuring a large, backlit color LCD display, Gigabit Ethernet, HD audio and Bluetooth support, the Cisco 9900 Series represents the current evolution of unified voice and video.

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Cisco 9971 IP Phone

Sell, Buy or Trade in Cisco CP-9971 IP Phones

Trade-in, Buy or Sell Cisco 9971 IP Phones Do you have surplus Cisco 9971 IP Phones that you want to dispose off? Or are you looking to buy Cisco 9971 IP Phones for your office? If your answer to either of the questions is yes, then is the place to be. In addition to… read more

Cisco 9951 IP Phone

Sell, Buy or Trade In Cisco CP-9951 IP Phones

Sell You Used Cisco 9951 Phones, Buy New or Refurbished Phones, or get an IP Phone Trade In Quote Have you recently upgraded your office IP telephones? Do you have Cisco 9951IP Phones that you no longer need and wish to sell? Are you interested in buying Cisco 9951 IP Phones for business or home… read more