Cisco 9951 IP Phone

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Have you recently upgraded your office IP telephones? Do you have Cisco 9951IP Phones that you no longer need and wish to sell? Are you interested in buying Cisco 9951 IP Phones for business or home office? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Cisco 9951

The Cisco 9951 is the entry model within Cisco’s 9900 Series of multimedia IP + Video phones. This phone features a high resolution, color LCD display with support for multiple line appearances. The phone also integrates on-device video conferencing capabilities via an optional USB mount video camera.

Cisco 9951 Top 5 Facts and Features:

  • 640X480 resolution tri-color backlit LCD display
  • Allows for pairing of bluetooth wireless headsets
  • Built-In wireless (802.11 WiFi) network connectivity
  • High quality integrated speakerphone and fixed headset port
  • Built In Gigabit Ethernet switch ports

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Sell Used Cisco 9951 IP Telephones

Your Used or surplus IP phones have residual value. We purchase OOS Cisco phones for refurbishment, resale and redeployment. will buy your old and used Cisco phones at a fair market price, and our entire buying process is designed to be fast and easy for our sellers. If you want to sell Cisco 9951 or other phone models, contact one of our purchasing representatives and discuss your options today.

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Trade-in Your Cisco 9951 IP Phones

If you are interested in trading in your Cisco 9951 IP phones and replacing them with alternative models or other related equipment, you can opt for our trade-in program. Trade-in your used or surplus 9951 IP phones and you can get new or refurbished Cisco IP phones with upgraded features at a discount. Tell us what Cisco phones you wish to buy and we can arrange a sales quote. If you are not sure which IP or conference phone suits you best, our tech team will be more than glad to guide you through the many options available. Just complete our contact form today for more information on our selling, purchasing and trade-in offers on Cisco 9951 IP phones.

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