Cisco IP Conference Phones

Take a look inside the board rooms and executive conference facilities of Corporate America these days and you are likely to find Cisco IP Conference Phones. Cisco’s conferencing telephone lineup is similar in design and feature set to iconic tabletop conference phones from Polycom. IP Conference phones are designed to provide high-quality speaker audio and rich sound for collaborative, multi-party or group discussions. The microphone “footprint” of these phones can be increased by adding auxilliary external microphone pods which connect back to the main desktop unit to expand their microphone pickup.

Protocol support on these phones is limited to Cisco’s proprietary SCCP (Skinny) Protocol, making them compatible only with Cisco Unified Communication platforms such as Callmanager and Unified Communications Express. They are not supported on SIP based platforms.
We Buy Used and Excess Cisco 9900 Series Phones

We Buy Used and Excess Cisco IP Conference Phones

– We actively buy and sell all models of Cisco VoIP Conference phones, including the popular 7937 model. If you’ve migrated to a new phone system, and wish to sell conference phones that you no longer have a need for, contact a CiscoPhoneBuy agent today to request a purchase quote.

We Sell New and Used Cisco Unified IP Conference Phones

– If you have an existing Cisco IP communications system in place and are interested in purchasing Cisco VoIP Conference Phones, we can also offer competitive pricing on both New and Used/Refurbished conference table telephones.

For more detail on the Cisco IP Conference products that we buy and sell, please browse from the specific models shown below:

Cisco 8831 IP Conference Phone

Sell, Buy or Trade In Cisco 8831 IP Conference Phones

Interested in Selling, Buying or Trading In Cisco 8831 IP Conference Phones If you have Cisco 8831 IP conference phones that are no longer needed that you wish to sell, selling them today is as easy as contacting one of our helpful purchasing agents. We buy both used and New excess inventories of Cisco 8831… read more

Cisco 7937 IP Conference Phone

Cisco CP-7937G

Sell, Buy or Trade-In Cisco 7937 G IP Conference Phones. If you have recently upgraded your system and have Cisco CP-7937G conference telephones that are no longer needed, we’ll purchase them! We also sell New and Refurbished Cisco conference phone models, including the Cisco 7937G. Whether you are selling, buying or trading in, we can… read more

Cisco 7936 IP Conference Phone

Cisco CP-7936G

We buy and sell used, de-installed and New surplus Cisco CP-7936 IP Conference Phones, Expansion Microphones, Power Kits and Accessories. The Cisco CP-7936 was the predecessor to the popular Cisco CP-7937G IP Conference phone, and is very commonly found in executive board rooms and conference facilities. This product is very similar to a Polycom conference… read more