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The Cisco SPA302D is a DECT based wireless IP telephone. It connects to your network via DECT wirless frequency, and is paired with a combination ATA/Radio base station that can be configured for VoIP service on an IP PBX or hosted VoIP platform.

Cisco SPA302D

Cisco SPA302D Top 5 Facts and Features

  • Requires DECT compatible ATA/Base Station
  • Wireless Connectivity provided by 1.9GHz DECT radio (Versus 802.11 WiFi Radio in many wireless IP Phones)
  • DECT radio consumes less power, which equates to longer battery life for the Cisco SPA302D
  • Color LCD Display Quality full-duplex speakerphone for hands-free conference calls, integrated headset port
  • Includes a Belt Clip accessory for convenient carrying

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