Cisco SPA525G2 IP Phone

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Cisco SPA525G

The Cisco SPA525G is End of Life /End of Sale with the manufacturer. It has been replaced by the Cisco SPA525G2 model. The official end-of-sale date for this product was April 7, 2011. The end of manufacturer hardware support date on this product is April 30, 2016.

After sales of the SPA525G officially ended in 2011, the newer SPA525G2 replacement model has been a hit with businesses requiring additional connectivity and enhanced user experience.

The SPA525G2 is a 5-line IP phone packed with the following features:

  • Full Color Display SIP Phone
  • Supports both SIP and Cisco SPCP VoIP Protocol
  • Built-In WiFi wireless network connectivity, Pairs Bluetooth headsets as well
  • High quality integrated speakerphone and fixed headset port
  • Secure SSL client connectivity built in

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Sell Used/Surplus Cisco SPA525G Phones

We enable you to do more with Cisco SPA525G IP phones you no longer have any any use for. Sell your phones directly to us for a fair market rate and get some value out of old IT equipment. You don’t have to worry about secure and clean disposal – we take care of the task for you. Getting started with the process is as simple as it can get. Just submit the form below and we can take it from there.

We have an organized and ethical buying process where we review, audit and test to ensure that the interests of both parties are met. As we have in-house IT expertise, we accept defective SPA525G phones and professionally repair them to extend their use.

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Buy New or Refurbished Cisco SPA525G2 Phones

We have a well-stocked inventory of SPA525G2 phones and our industry-best prices translate into big savings for you. You can either buy new SPA525G2 IP phones or professionally refurbished products. Fully-functional, secure and sanitized, our refurbished Cisco IP phones come with a one-year warranty. Get an up-to-the-minute quote by filling the form below.

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Trade-In Cisco SPA525G Phones

If you’re thinking of disposing off old office phones and investing in new ones, you’ll find our trade-in solution useful. Exchange your SPA525G phones for credit towards the purchase of new models and keep your IT budget lean. We maintain a huge inventory of Cisco IP phones, so you are sure to find telecom products that meet your technology needs. Fill in our online form and extract maximum value from our trade-in opportunity.

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