Refurbished Cisco VoIP Phones

We buy used Cisco phones and sell professionally refurbished Cisco IP Telephones. Contact us today for competitive, deeply discounted pricing on fully refreshed Cisco business telephones for your new Cisco phone system installation or expansion of your existing telephone system.

The team at has many years of experience in the refurbishment and restoration of pre-owned Cisco IP Telephones. If you regularly purchase Cisco phones for installation projects or new hires, we can help you stretch your IT/Telecom budget to the max with our professionally refurbished Cisco IP handsets which are priced at a significant discount versus to the cost of factory new phones. Our Refurbished Cisco VoIP Phones are a smart choice!

We also offer a standard 1-Year “No Hassle” replacement warranty on our refurbished Cisco products. If there is a hardware issue with a product you have purchased from us, we will repair or replace it for free. We’ll even pay for shipping!

Used Cisco Business Phones
Our Cisco Phone Refurbishment process begins with pre-owned inventory which we purchase from clients who have recently upgraded their office phones, or have taken out of service due to a business event such as a merger, acquisition or business closure.

Used Cisco phones received into our inventory first undergo an extensive visual inspection and testing process. Used phones which are good candidates for refurbishment then enter our restoration process. Phones we receive that have extensive wear are either broken down for parts or responsibly recycled.

Cisco Phone Data Sanitized
We remove previous client configurations, network and PBX settings from the phones, restoring them to a “factory default” state. The phones are then serialized and inventoried. Our phones are also test configured in our lab to check for full original factory functionality. Display functionality, speakerphone quality, network port connectivity and other critical features are all tested to ensure proper performance.

Used Cisco Business Phones
In addition to data sanitizing, our Refurbished Cisco Phones undergo an extensive physical cleaning process. Any removable plastic parts which show unusual wear are replaced, in an effort to restore phones to a physical/cosmetic condition which is as close to new as possible.

Once cleaning, cosmetic repair and other restoration processes are complete, the phones are then professionally kitted and packaged. Phones are individually boxed, with individual components and accessories poly bagged to prevent scratching or other damage in transit during shipping to our customers. Our refurbished phones include handset, handset cord, CAT5 ethernet patch cables and any other applicable accessories.

Refurbished Cisco VoIP Phones
Our refurbished phones are ready to install and configure out of the box. Our inventory availability on the range of Cisco phone models can change from week to week. If you have a project or installation planned for the near term, contact us today to receive a price quote. Simply complete the form below, indicating the Cisco Phone Series, Model(s) and Quantities you are interested in receiving a price quote on.

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