Selling Cisco Phones makes the process of selling your used, de-installed or excess Cisco IP Phone inventory fast and easy. Our buyer agents are knowledgeable and responsive, and we typically provide quotes or bid requests same day. To connect with our purchasing team, simply complete the online form below. Before you send us your inventory submission, here are a few key points of information we typically require.

If your company has recently upgraded or made a switch to a new phone system or hosted voice over IP provider, we will purchase your old Cisco phones and any additional equipment that has come out of service as a result of upgrade. We also purchase excess stock of both New, Refurbished and Used Cisco phones.

Locating Cisco Phone Model Number
1 – What model(s) of Cisco IP Phone do you have available? In order to provide you with an accurate, highest value quote, we need to know which specific phone models you are interested in selling. Cisco IP phones come in a variety of different Series (Product Families) and individual models within those series.

If you are not sure which model phones you have, you can find the Cisco model number right on the back of each phone. On some newer Cisco IP Phone models, you will not see white stickers on the backside of the phone with the model number and MAC address. Push the base stand button on the side of the phone to release the base stand, and you will find the model number of the phone screen printed right on the back, underneath the base stand.

What Condition are your Cisco IP Phones In?
2 – What is the condition of your phones? We purchase both Used and New Excess Cisco IP Phone inventory. We purchase used phones with normal wear & tear for refurbishment.

We also selectively purchase Cisco IP phones that are defective, with issues such as firmware corruption, cosmetic damage or broken base stands. When submitting your inventory, please try to indicate the condition of your equipment so that we can offer you the best value.

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