Trade In Cisco IP Phones

If you are currently running older, end of life Cisco IP phones on your IP communications network, and are considering upgrading your phones to a more current model, we can help.

Trade in your old Cisco IP Phones can provide you with trade-in credit on your existing Cisco phones coming out of service, which can dramatically offset your capital expenditure to deploy New IP phones. We can also pre-configure your new phones prior to shipment, providing you with a zero-touch, plug and play upgrade.

If you are interested in obtaining a trade in proposal, simply provide us with a few pieces of background information including:

  • The Cisco IP Phone Models and Quantities currently deployed on your system.
  • Your anticipated time frame for upgrading your phones.
  • The Cisco IP Phone Models and Quantities you are interested in upgrading to.

We’ll provide you with a quote, including offset credit for your used phones coming out of service post-migration. We’ll even bear the cost of shipping your used phones to our testing and refurbishment facility once you have purchased your New phones and your upgrade is complete.

To receive a trade-in proposal, just complete the form below and a trade specialist will contact you to evaluate your options.

Thinking of upgrading your Cisco Phones? Get a Trade-In Quote Today!

  • Please enter any notes or details you have regarding the Cisco IP Phone models and quantities you currently have in service, as well as the models you are interested in upgrading to.