We Buy and Sell Cisco IP Phones

We buy most models of Cisco IP Phones, from currently sold and supported products to older, end of life (EOL/EOS) models

Once the dust settles following a vendor change or migration to a new phone system, IT managers are often tasked with disposing of old equipment coming off employee desktops and out of active service. This equipment often includes Desktop IP Phones, and may include ethernet switches and physical PBX Appliances or servers (which we also purchase). Many companies search the internet for local e-waste management or recycling companies, not realizing that their old telephone equipment may have considerable residual value. This is where CiscoPhoneBuy.com comes in as an attractive partner if you have excess telephony gear that needs to go, and you would like to actually recoup a portion of your original investment in that equipment.

What can CiscoPhoneBuy.com do for our company? Our Cisco IP Phone liquidation offerings are tailored to meet your needs. CiscoPhoneBuy.com IP Phone liquidators will buy, sell, or re-market: Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Voice Gateways, Cisco Analog Telephone Adapters and Cisco IP Phone Accessories such as Cisco IP Phone AC Power Supplies. We work with individuals, firms, companies and agencies of all sizes.

We sell Fully Refurbished (Reconditioned) Cisco Phones at Competitive Prices CiscoPhoneBuy.com has years of experience in the reconditioning of pre-owned Cisco telephones. Our Refurbished Cisco VoIP Phones are restored to a cosmetic quality as close to factory new as possible. Any excessively worn parts or components are replaced. Units are thoroughly cleaned, data sanitized, restored to factory default settings and custom packaged. Contact us today to receive a quote on Refurbished Cisco Phones.

We Partner with Non-Cisco VARs and Resellers to provide Trade-In and Buyback credits on Cisco Phone equipment coming out of service. If your company resells a premise based IP Telephony solution such as Shoretel, Avaya, Asterisk based or other systems, partner with CiscoPhoneBuy.com to provide your client prospects with trade-in credit on their equipment which is coming out of service. We work with a wide variety of companies who sell Non-Cisco IP communications systems, and during the quoting/RFQ process, we work with these partners to identify their customers’ existing equipment inventory, and provide them a valuation on that equipment when it comes out of service. New Shoretel system replacing an existing Cisco Callmanager system? Customer interested in switching from a Cisco phone system to a hosted/cloud based solution? Work with us to make your solution quotes more attractive, and offset a portion of your customer’s expenditure in the new system you are proposing. Contact us today for details.

We have private information on our Cisco Phone equipment. What can you do? An integral part of our Cisco IP Phone liquidation offerings is protecting the privacy and security of our clients. We remove all asset tags that identify the origin of the equipment and we can wipe all network configurations and passwords from Cisco phones, gateways and other telephony equipment. We report and can certify that all network configurations and other data has been removed.

Our company has several locations and a small list of Cisco equipment at each location. Can you help us? Our Cisco phone liquidation customers include companies with many geographically dispersed locations, small organizations and multinational corporations. Our customers are busy phasing out used Cisco IP Phones and supporting equipment, seeking network investment recovery solutions, or simply cleaning out their telco closets.

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